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This is to announce a 4 day short term course at IIT Bombay on
"Scientific computing with Python".  The course will be held between
16th-19th July, 2007 at IITB.

Complete details on the course, registration and other details are
available at:


About the course

Python is a remarkable, modern, free, easy to learn, high-level and
powerful programming language that is well suited for scientific
computing. This 4-day course aims to give an overview of the various
free tools that are in use and under development today that enable a
scientist to build sophisticated science/engineering applications with

Course Content

The course will first provide a rapid introduction to the Python
programming language (ideally participants should be familiar with the
language before the workshop begins) and the standard library. The
following topics will then be covered:

 # Efficient array processing in Python using NumPy.
 # Interactive 2D plotting using matplotlib.
 # SciPy for general purpose numerical algorithms.
 # Interfacing Python with FORTRAN, C and C++ using f2py and SWIG.
 # The notion of MVC design and the use of Traits/TraitsUI to easily
   create sophisticated graphical user interfaces.
 # Adding 2D plots to applications using the Chaco toolkit.
 # An overview of the Visualization Toolkit library and the TVTK
   package for 3D visualizations from Python.
 # Extensible plugin-based application frameworks using Envisage.
 # Scientific data visualization using MayaVi2.
 # Building a sample application using the above tools.


Dates: 16th to 19th July, 2007.
Venue: IIT Bombay, Mumbai.

Who Should Attend

Practicing scientists/engineers who have a passion for writing great
software and computer scientists/engineers who build scientific


 * Eric Jones -- President and CTO of Enthought Inc., Austin, TX.
 * Prabhu Ramachandran --  Department of Aerospace Engineering, IITB.

Please forward this announcement to anyone who might be interested.

Prabhu Ramachandran                 http://www.aero.iitb.ac.in/~prabhu

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