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A collection of 11 tutorials on oo-2.0
at http://k12edcom.org/?q=node/24

Extending oo is easier than it used to be.

"Extend OpenOffice.org
By Dmitri Popov
It's easier than you might think to create your own OpenOffice.org extensions.

If you have a nifty macro or a nice Writer template you want to share
with other OpenOffice.org users, publishing them on the Web along with
detailed installation instructions is probably not the best way to go.
Fortunately, OpenOffice.org supports extensions-small installable
packages that provide added functionality. You easily can turn your
templates, autotext entries, gallery art and macros into extensions
that can be installed with a couple of clicks. Better yet,
OpenOffice.org's extensions have an easy-to-understand and
well-defined architecture, and you can start building your own
extensions in no time........(see


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A. Mani
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