[Fsf-friends] Re: Need help in Thrissur

Linux Lingam linuxlingam@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Jun 14 15:24:42 IST 2007

> While I would love the full replacement. Given the
> circumstances I dont think it is an option.
> I am asking for free software running in Windows.

01. few people know the gnulinux ubuntu cd, version feisty fawn, or
7.04 as it is known, has a neat little folder with essential free
software for windows.

surprisingly, they don't have openoffice on it, which you can download
independently. the LFY cds tend to give away oo.o for windows pretty

02. knoppix 5.1.1. DVD also has a folder for windows software, and
that includes oo.o as well.

the great thing about either feisty or knoppix, is that they offer

a) free windows software.

b) live gnulinux cd, so you can boot into gnulinux straight from disc
without any installs or even touching your hard disk or existing data:
great for scratch-n-sniff.

c) option to install feisty or knoppix on a partition on your existing
pc as well.

feisty also has a neat little tool to import your windows settings, IE
browser and other stuff, directly into gnulinux.

hope these solve your problems.

niyam bhushan

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