[Fsf-friends] Why DRM won't ever work

Praveen A pravi.a@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Jun 8 01:06:45 IST 2007

Another interesting article from Jeremy Allison (he had written
earlier about the document lockup with MS Office 2007)

" ... Sure, there's gobs and gobs of extra software in the process
which is usually run at the consumer end of the deal, trying to
obfuscate and hide the fact that the consumer possesses all the
information needed to decrypt the file they've just been given. They
have to have been given this, else they can't listen to the song or
watch the movie. Claiming that this process can ever be made secure
from the people you've just given all this information to is like
believing you can create a secure bank vault by drawing chalk lines on
the pavement, piling the money inside and asking customers to "respect
these boundaries". The media industries are trying to sell what they
consider to be valuable data without any means of prohibiting access
to it. This is not a business model that is ever going to work."


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