[Fsf-friends] Re: [Debian-in-workers] Red Hat signs MoU with Kerala govt

Praveen A pravi.a@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Jun 8 00:35:06 IST 2007

2007/6/7, Mahesh T. Pai <paivakil at gmail.com>:
> I understand your feelings. I know that you have put in a log of
> efforts into the IT at SCHOOL project. YOur efforts are certainly
> commendable, but please, please, do not criticise the MoU without
> disclosing your interest in it.

Lets ask the government to publish the MoU. The issue here is,

There has been a lot of effort (mostly volunteer based) to build up
the current Free Software infrastructure that is about to finish (the
transition from a proprietory infrastructure to a Free Software based
one). It took 3 years of considerable effort and active participation
from the Free Software community in Kerala.

Now when everything is set up in a very commendable way, why is the
change brought without the consultation with the community (teachers,
students and volunteers)? We have played a part in this and it hurts
when some one who claims to be a supporter of the "Knowledge Society"
doesn't ask the community when such an important change is made.

I'm not against the support for using Red Hat in goverment. The issue
is the change brought out without cosultation with the community who
had worked hard to bring about such a change. We had a lot of hopes in
the IT policy and it is saddening to see the situation worsening and
not any better.

The previous government (which didn't have a IT policy supporting Free
Software) took the decision to move to a completely Free Software
based infrastructure because 85% of the   teachers supported such a
move (and they got such confidence because of the tireless efforts of
the community and I'm proud to be a part of such an effort, though a
smaller part).


The issue here is the lack of consultation and transperency. We should
know exactly what is in the MoU and what is the reasons for changing a
successfully running project. It has been running successfully for the
last 3 years.

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