[Fsf-friends] Eben Moglen @ Technopark, Trivandrum.

Sun Jun 3 08:38:28 IST 2007

> >     Why we are inheriting the same "open source"
> > clause in FSF progamme invitations?
> >
> > Who wrote the words that are quoted?  Where was that
> > quote posted?
> The words were originally written by eweek. They were
> quoted in the following programme quoted below.
> I hope and think that the error has been fixed. The

It wasn't an error. Confusion was created because the invitation did not
say who is the organisor of the event for which invitation was forwarded to
FSF India list. Eben's talk in Technopark is being organised by
Technopark itself.
It is primarily for companies in Technopark.


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