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Sun Jun 3 00:30:17 IST 2007

Following is the site which has the sentence quoted..
It was eWeek magazine who come up with the list...they have another site
showing "how we ranked them"
This is what they say about who ranked the list:
        "A committee of veteran writers and editors from Baseline, CIO
Insight and eWEEK were asked at the beginning of the year to nominate
individuals they thought should be on the list"
they also shows the following as the criteria used for making the rank list:

   - The person's tangible track record of information technology
   - The scope of influence the person has beyond his or her own
   - The ability of the individual to effect change.
   - The level of engagement the person has in developing today's
   emerging technologies."

In the second website quoted, Jhon McCormick(Editor -in-chief) also says why
Bill gates is not in the list which is the funniest part of all these..as
he(Bill gates) is spending more time in charitable foundation and not in

I think atleast we can avoid citing the rank list of people compiled without
knowing what free software is and whats the philosophy it is representing

On 6/2/07, Richard Stallman <rms at gnu.org> wrote:
>     james mathew wrote:
>     > Ranked #92, Moglen is cited as an "expert in open source law and one
>     > of the guiding lights of GPL 3."
>     Why we are inheriting the same "open source"  clause in FSF progamme
>     invitations?
> Who wrote the words that are quoted?  Where was that quote posted?
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