[Fsf-friends] Re: Reliance Web World in nexus with Ankit Fadia

Vihan Pandey vihanpandey@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Nov 27 13:52:24 IST 2006

> Friends,
> A few months after Prabhat gave us that simple news clip about A Fadia,
> and
> after the long round of nationwide discussions that we had, it seems that
> we
> are trying to communicate with someone who (a) doesn't listen and (b) is
> not
> interested to listen.
> Reliance Web World attempted to launch Ankit Fadia through some back door
> activities at Thrissur, but it flopped. In his regular and customary
> style,
> Ankit arrived late, cut short questions/answers session (he usually does
> it
> everywhere) and this time around he even cut short his talk to just 10
> minutes.
> The ill-informed Reliance Web World executive was seen accusing the
> organisers
> for the drop in attendance - they never could realise that students are
> wiser
> than Fadia and could had deliberately chosen to abstain from such
> gimmicks.

 Typical, he pulled that one at Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology(Nerul,
Navi Mumbai) a couple of years back as well. Only then he ``refused" to
answer some questions on the grounds that it is unethical to reveal cracking
techniques in public.

Fadia shows undue haste in theorising with what would otherwise be pure
> exceptions - which is a bad academic practise - an action that portrays
> his
> Stanford University (where Google was born in 1996) in a bad light. He
> also
> relies heavily on the weaknesses of proprietary systems, which, by
> default, do
> not have any Road Map to the various freedoms enlisted by Free Software.

In all honesty, isn't entering an Ivy league school these days more about
$$$, a well polished resume/SoP and hearsay recommendations and sometimes a
triumph in mediocrity award by the government rather than REAL merit. i mean
i've only seen one or two people till now going there with REAL expertise,
via either just doing practicals properly in college and at home, and/or
then contributing to a technology(again via the Free Software development
methodology) and publishing a REAL paper at a REAL venue. No offence to
anyone who has gone to an Ivy league school, and let me also clarify i have
the highest respect for most of them ;-)

Anyway, Fadia is more about network security stuff(so is portrayed) he has
NEVER(again to the best of my knowledge) tried to tell people about the real
ethics in using Free Software or about how its so important to build a
society based on Freedom, or the dangers of DRM and software patents. Why do
we even bother with such people?


- vihan

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