[Fsf-friends] Reliance Web World in nexus with Ankit Fadia

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Mon Nov 27 11:40:35 IST 2006

A few months after Prabhat gave us that simple news clip about A Fadia, and
after the long round of nationwide discussions that we had, it seems that we
are trying to communicate with someone who (a) doesn't listen and (b) is not
interested to listen. 

Reliance Web World attempted to launch Ankit Fadia through some back door
activities at Thrissur, but it flopped. In his regular and customary style,
Ankit arrived late, cut short questions/answers session (he usually does it
everywhere) and this time around he even cut short his talk to just 10 minutes.
The ill-informed Reliance Web World executive was seen accusing the organisers
for the drop in attendance - they never could realise that students are wiser
than Fadia and could had deliberately chosen to abstain from such gimmicks.

Fadia shows undue haste in theorising with what would otherwise be pure
exceptions - which is a bad academic practise - an action that portrays his
Stanford University (where Google was born in 1996) in a bad light. He also
relies heavily on the weaknesses of proprietary systems, which, by default, do
not have any Road Map to the various freedoms enlisted by Free Software.

CK Raju
"The more you attribute to Non-free software,
the less you retain in yourself."

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