[Fsf-friends] Datacards and GNU/Linux...

Frederick Noronha fred@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Nov 21 04:34:18 IST 2006

It would be nice if hackers in the GNU/Linux community could help to
spread awareness about data-cards, laptops and GNU/Linux. As you know,
data-cards are increasingly becoming a way of getting Net access via
your laptop in anywhere, anytime mode. Hence they could have growing

LFY carried an article in its July 2006 issue, offering detailed
instructions of how an Airtel Sierra Card can be made to work with

But, as things stand, many of the cards are unsupported. I tried a ZTE
(made-in-China card) with Reliance on Ubuntu, and it just refused to
work. Sierra cards are out of stock with Reliance here, I was told,
though given alternate information earlier.

Airtel says Sierra isn't available, and were offering a Vodafone
datacard, which proudly says "Airtel Data card works on Windows
2000/XP/XP Tablet/XP Pro".

If you know of any option (keeping in mind that I live in Goa, with
limited hardware availability) please share your notes with me. I
really need a datacard to get access to mobile computing, specially
when travelling. FN
FN 9822122436 +91-832-240-9490 (phone calls after 1 pm please)
[http://fn.goa-india.org] [http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bytesforall_readers]

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