[Fsf-friends] Bill Gates says Free Software is great

Krishna Pagadala krishnaact@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Nov 20 14:13:48 IST 2006

Sun gets it. Watch the video. Contains enough answers
to BillG.

BTW the last time BillG talked to news.com he called
names, and go a good response from RMS. Worth reading


--- Sasi Kumar <sasi.fsf at gmail.com> wrote:

> "Free software has always been an important part of
> the software
> world, just like commercial software has been. ....
> So you have this
> incredibly wonderful thing that if free software
> works for people,
> they should use that. ....... That's his
> (Stallman's) world. The GPL
> is. The free software world is way, way bigger than
> that, and that
> will always be there. That's a noncontroversial
> thing that we love."
> Those are the words of the king of Micro$oft in an
> interview with
> Cnet. He also has a good word about Stallman:
> "Now (Free Software Foundation head Richard)
> Stallman, he is truly
> pure; unlike many people who sort of try to act that
> way, he's pure."
> You can read the entire interview here:
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