[Fsf-friends] Promoting Open Source in a big way

Mayukh Datta Roy mail_mayukh@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Nov 17 16:48:02 IST 2006

Hello everybody,
 I am a computer science student about to graduate.
The open source revolution seems to be very fine
except for one thing; Most volunteers are people who
work for software companies and who develop Open
Source software in their spare time. We have still not
addressed one question "How to make Open Source a
profitable Industry" because money after all is a sad
fact of life and we all need it.
What kind of business model will make Open Source a
money making endeavour so that people like myself do
not have to work for some propriety software
manufacturing firm but give our full attention to the
development of open source softwares. 
 I think that will revolutionize the world by making
open source the first choice rather than an
How can we make open source software witholding all
the principles of the GPL and still become a
successful and profitable venture ?
 Any thoughts ? 
** sorry for the length of the letter, i seem to be
too verbose :)

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