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QUOTE: FOSS.IN is one of the world's largest and most
focussed FOSS events, held annually India. Over the years, it
has attracted thousands of participants, and the speaker
roster reads like a "Who is Who" of FOSS contributors from
across the world. ENDQUOTE


It was truly an herculean task to wade through the tons of
amazing talks and tutorials, and we must admit that we have
left out a lot of good talks for unavailability of slots. The
organizers express gratitude to all the people who submitted
talks and hope they will be involved with the event in some

The List

1 A.R.KARTHICK OPENCLOVIS ASP - An Open Sourced Carrier Grade
Middleware Talk
2 Aaron Seigo KDE4 And You Talk
3 Aaron Seigo Writing Applications With KDE4 Workshop
4 Aditya Godbole Porting the FreeBSD kernel Talk
5 Ajit Sabnis Open Source Portal Talk
6 Anandaraj Thangappan Eclipse plugin development Talk
7 Andrew Cowie On The Cutting Edge: solving the fundamental
problem of the free software movement Talk
8 Andrew Cowie Opening GTK to Java programmers: the past,
present and
future of the java-gnome bindings project Talk
9 Aneesh Kumar K.V Linux Kernel Clustering Framework Talk
10 Anurag Shekhar Apache Derby 10.2 Talk
11 Archana Kumar Open Source IT Monitoring Tool - A look at
Zenoss Talk
12 Ashutosh Dhanesha Project INVITE Talk
13 Ashwin Chaugule Linux WiFi Stacks Talk
14 Avik Sengupta OpenBSD in the wild - a personal journey
15 B N Poornima Best Practices in Linux Kernel Testing Talk
16 B.C. Sekar Adding new protocol decode support in Ethereal
17 Bijon B Shaha A 'Toaster' in Service of Freedom Talk
18 Biju Chacko Using Gentoo Portage to Build a Sand Boxed
Application Stack Talk
19 Biswaranjan Nayak The State of OTG in the Linux Kernel
20 Charles Rose Software Change Management for Hardware Talk
21 Christof Wittig How we Fix the Software Industry with Open
Source Talk
22 Christoph Hellwig Contributing to the Linux Kernel for
fun and profit Talk
23 Christoph Hellwig The TFRC Tunnel Protocol - an XFRM-based
driver for Linux 2.6 Talk
24 Danese Cooper The Truth about FOSS and Open Standards Talk
25 Dibya Prakash Porting Ruby into Symbian OS - Google SOC
project Talk
26 Frederick FN Noronha Ten Tips To Turbocharge The Team:
Smaller User-Groups Moving Talk
27 Gopalarathnam Venkatesan JSON - a lightweight
data-interchange format Talk
28 Guntupalli Karunakar Indic computing workshop Workshop
29 Harald Welte OpenPCD and OpenPICC: Free Software and
Hardware for RFID Talk
30 Harald Welte Developing with OpenEmbedded on the Simputer
31 Harsha Padmanabha Image builder for Embedded Systems Talk
32 Indranil Das Gupta IT Asset Management using FOSS tools
33 Isaac Praveen Developing web applications with
perl/Catalyst Talk
34 Jaimon Jose Secure Linux Programming Talk
35 Jaya Kumar The Linux kernel, GPLv2 and GPLv3 Draft2 Talk
36 Jaya Kumar ALSA and OLPC audio Talk
37 Jayasankar Divakarla Linux Security Module. Talk
38 K .Sebi Kumar Open standards and CGL driving Telecom
revolution Talk
39 K. K. Subramaniam FOSS tools in primary schools Talk
40 Kai Voigt MySQL 5.0 & LDAP Talk
41 Kalyan Varma Digital Photography and Linux Talk
42 Kartik Mistry How to become 3rd Indian Debian Developer
43 Kushal Das Inside of Fedora Extras, a technical journey
44 Luke Kanies Puppet - Portable System Automation Talk
45 MADHUKAR GUNJAN CHAKHAIYAR iSCSI - An emerging technology
and its
footprint in Linux. (( STANDARD- IETF 50 AND RFC 3720 )) Talk
46 Mahesh T. Pai Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodiet? Talk
47 Manu Konchady A FOSS Bridge to Cross the Digital Divide
48 Mathew Varghese Open Source Product Documentation
Framework Workshop
49 Natarajan Kannan Webmarker - Your marker pen for the web
50 Nirav Mehta FOSS infrastructure for your organization Talk
51 Noor Ul Mubeen sUSBix - stick to it ! Talk
52 Pankaj Kaushal Monitoring Large Scale Web Applications
Nagios Talk
53 Peter Karlsson Application Perf Tuning on OpenSolaris
DTrace Talk
54 Philip Tellis libyahoo2 - the 'other' messaging library
55 Pradeepto Kumar Bhattacharya Interview Tips - How to
perform well
in your next Interview? Tutorial
56 Prashanth Mohan Tutorial Session on LDTP Tutorial
57 Prashanth N Udupa Visualization on Linux with VTK
Designer Talk
58 Priti Patil Project Talk: janabhaaratii: Localisation of
Source Software Talk
59 Raghu Venkataramana WET – A commercial grade opensource
web testing tool Talk
60 Rahul Sundaram One Laptop Per Child - challenges &
development Talk
61 Ramya B.B Pushing drivers to user-space Talk
62 Rasmus Lerdorf Getting Rich with PHP 5 Talk
63 Roger Persson Creating a Flexible Robot Controller using
Python Talk
64 Russell Nelson Which Open Source License? Talk
65 Russell Nelson "But I'm not a hardware guy" Tutorial
66 Shyamal Misra SDL - The New Mantra of Game Development
67 SijiSunny An Historical Merging from Xfree86 to Xorg Talk
68 Sirtaj Singh Kang Writing an SMS Service with Free
Software Talk
69 Sirtaj Singh Kang Qt Graphics View - A Fresh Canvas Talk
70 Sivakumar Thyagarajan Building an open source Java EE 5
server - Project GlassFish Workshop
71 Sony Kuruvilla Philip OpenVPN - A functional and easy VPN
72 Sudhakar Thaths Chandra Hacking the Slug Workshop
73 Sulamita Garcia Makefiles - Dark Magic in Programming Talk
74 Sulamita Garcia Creating Load Balance environments
75 Sunil Abraham Impact of Indian Copyright and Patent Law on
76 Suparna Bhattacharya ext4 development - a work-in-progress
update Talk
77 Suparna Bhattacharya Linux and the art of minimalist
development Talk
78 Tim Pritlove Closing Keynote Talk
79 Vamsee Krishna Kanakala Strap on your rocket packs: Web
in Common Lisp Tutorial
80 Venkata Kishore BrandZ: A framework for non-native
operating enviroment in OpenSolaris Talk
81 Vivek K.S. OpenAlchemy Talk
82 Vrushali Mahalley Overview of Open Web Single Sign-On Talk

* * * * *

People who wish to attend FOSS.IN can now register themselves
online and avail the cool 50% discount on the Rs.1000
delegate fee - if you register online and bring your
registration code to the venue, you have to pay only Rs.500!

Online Registration will be open till the 22nd of November
2006, after which registration opens at the venue (without

Please read the instructions carefully, and don't forget to
bring your registration code to the venue!

Here's the URL to go to:


FN [https://southasiaict4d.wordpress.com/] 9822122436 +91-832-240-9490
[http://fn.goa-india.org] Technology, freedom, people: You
can contribute to make this mix work!

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