[Fsf-friends] Re: Re: suggestions needed on an initiative

Arpit Sud arpit04@gmail.com
Wed May 11 16:09:32 IST 2005

hi friends,
the ongoing discussion is of quite interest to me. i am a final year
engg. student. i know quite a bit of programming. i had always wanted
to contribute to the community, but didn't know how. i had always
wanted to work on a free software project, but never got any idea of
wat i can do? all i am looking for is an idea, a need for somthing
that i can fulfil and a guide whom i can look upon for advise. hope
some answers will emerge out of the present discussion.
       - Arpit

"The purpose of education is not to memorize facts.
 The true purpose of education is to train the mind to think" 
                                             - Albert Einstein

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