[Fsf-friends] Hadn't these guys heard about Free Software?

Frederick Noronha (FN) fred@bytesforall.org
Sat May 7 11:14:14 IST 2005

Source: The Indian Express

Four Britons were jailed on Friday for being part of a global gang 
described as ?Robin Hoods? who stole expensive software from rich 
companies and gave it away for free over the Internet.

The group, described by prosecutors as 'sad individuals' who spent their 
lives in front of computers, were said to have cost firms such as 
Microsoft Corp millions of dollars in profit and enraged its chairman, 
Bill Gates.

Prosecutors told London's Old Bailey criminal court that the four men, 
motivated by a hatred of software companies, were the key players in an 
international ring called DrinkorDie.com, said to be one of the world?s 
most sophisticated Web piracy groups.

The gang allowed Internet surfers to download new software for free, often 
before it came on the market, including the Windows 95 operating system 
two weeks before it was released.


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