[Fsf-friends] Patents can Kill People

Ramanraj K ramanraj.k@gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 07:01:36 IST 2005

  A snip from "The Profits That Kill" available online at 
http://www.adduonline.com/articles/bunting.htm :
Put baldly, patents are killing people. But that's not all. Intellectual 
property protection has become a tool to make permanent the growing 
inequality of the global economy...

Kuldip Nayar has written an article titled "UPA, come out from the cold: 
It must get back to first principles if it is to be faithful to its 
mandate" which is available online at 

Please post any links, articles, views or opinions that could help in 
voicing our concern against the proposed drastic amendments to the 
Patents Act.


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