[Fsf-friends] Hi All

Thejesh GN gnthej@gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 19:41:40 IST 2005

Hi All,
My name is Thejesh. I am working as a Software Engineer at Bangalore. Passed 
from VTU ( Visweswraiah Technological University) Belagum as E&C engineer. 
We were the first batch of the university.

Early this year I got an idea about asking VTU to include more FOSS related 
courses in its syllabus. Hence I started a petition at my home site ( 
www.techmag.biz <http://www.techmag.biz> ). Then we moved it to GNU 
bangalore site (http://bangalore.gnu.org.in/?VTU-FLOSS_Campaign). The 
petition has been editied by lot of people and it has reached a good state 
now. We have got the signatures of around 140 people including that of RMS. 
Initially I just had the plan of mailing the petition; but later I got an 
idea of visiting VC personally so that it will have more effect.

VC of VTU Dr. K Balaveera Reddy has agreed to meet me on Aug 6 (Saturday) 
evening at VTU campus, belagum. I will be travelling on Aug 5 night ( from 
Bangalore). Plan as of now is to present him the hard copy of 
signatures/opinions/discussion that happened on GNU Bangalore site. I am 
also planning to give him a presentation. If anybody is interested to join 
me along; please mail me back. Or if you think something which I should be 
doing please do send it to me.

gnthej at gmail dot com
thej at techmag dot biz

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