[Fsf-friends] Re: [Fsf-kerala] Status Of Akshaya

Arun M colonel.m@gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 08:58:54 IST 2005

> I am also  a candidate to start one centre in My Panchayat. I wanted
> to get valuable feedback/opinions/suggestions from others. As
> self-employment for many, it involves huge investment and many are
> dependent on bank loans( At least I am)!! .Proper help from others
> will be valuable guidance.

If you are making investment make your backup plans. dont trust the project.  

> 1) Does anyone( especially anyone from Malappuram) have  experience
> with Akshaya at Malappuram. If so is to possible to share their
> experience?.

I've visited few centers. 

> 2) Did any one used GNU/Linux and free software application for
> setting up akshaya centers?. If so did they face any problem!!!

No.  Training programs and modules from KSITM were in Windows hence
almost all of them used Windows. There were some suggestions of having
training programs on free software. But i dont think they happened.

> 3) Does the CDs and other material supplied by concerned authorities
> work on LTSP thin client machines?.

I think they are flash files.

> 4) Will it demand any requirement for any proprietary softwares?.

You have to talk to officials of Akshya project. I think they will
allow use of free software. If not we will fight for it.

> 5) What is the current status of the Akshaya project at Malappuram??.

Best thing you can do is go to Malappuram and discuss with people there. 
Situation is not so good. You will have to make your own business
plan. Akshya will provide you some business. That wont break even your
project. Dont get carried away by the hype. Do a good study and plan
and then start.

Akshaya project got ArsElectronic award. I dont know what is the
selection criterion. But I am not very much convinced about the claims
made about the project in Ars Electronic site.

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