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Thu Jul 28 18:44:02 IST 2005

   Dear Friends,

               Can anyone please provide some help on the following topic.?

  This is regarding the "Akshaya" (www.akshaya.net) project being
implemented by State Govt of Kerala.
The pilot project was kicked-off in May 2003 in Malappuram District,
with the launching of over 600 Akshaya e-kendras.

Now it is being implemented at other districts of the state and at
Kannur, the process is currently going on.

I am also  a candidate to start one centre in My Panchayat. I wanted
to get valuable feedback/opinions/suggestions from others. As
self-employment for many, it involves huge investment and many are
dependent on bank loans( At least I am)!! .Proper help from others
will be valuable guidance.

  1) My plan is to set up Akshaya e -kendra using only GNU/Linux and
free/open source softwares. The website of akshaya says the
infrastructure should have minimum five PCs in a client server
configuration. So I plan to setup a LTSP based diskless thin client
configuration. I wanted to promote this and provide support to others
setting up LTSP based Akshaya centers.  I have few queries in this

1) Does anyone( especially anyone from Malappuram) have  experience
with Akshaya at Malappuram. If so is to possible to share their
2) Did any one used GNU/Linux and free software application for
setting up akshaya centers?. If so did they face any problem!!!
3) Does the CDs and other material supplied by concerned authorities
work on LTSP thin client machines?.
4) Will it demand any requirement for any proprietary softwares?. 
5) What is the current status of the Akshaya project at Malappuram??.
I have read a news last month saying about 60% of the centers are
facing closure due to lack of income generation and heavy burden on
Bank loans!!.

   At the site there are many success stories, but can anyone tell us
about the ground reality!!!.

  Any help is appreciated..



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