[Fsf-friends] INDIA: Request to sign a petition favouring Free Software in the campus. Before 6 August.

Thejesh GN gnthej@gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 22:12:16 IST 2005

> Please sign this petition if you agree with it... it's an attempt to 
> convince a
> prominent technological university in Belagum. Karnataka (VTU) to be 
> opened to the use
> of Free Software too. Please sign the petition at:
>  http://bangalore.gnu.org.in/<http://bangalore.gnu.org.in/?VTU-FLOSS_Campaign>
> ?VTU-FLOSS_Campaign <http://bangalore.gnu.org.in/?VTU-FLOSS_Campaign>

I will be meeting the Vice Chancellor of VTU, Dr. K Balaveera Reddy on 
August 6th. I will hand over the hardcopy of the petition. I am also 
thinking of giving a presentation. 
Is there anything else I can do suggestions<http://www.techmag.biz/?q=node/66>

www.techmag.biz <http://www.techmag.biz>

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