[Fsf-friends] Joropo and FSFS Conference

Ramanraj K ramanraj.k@gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 06:37:17 IST 2005

,----[Arun wrote:}
| FSFS Conference has slowly moving beyond talks. Network established by
| the conference are starting to bear its fruit.
| Anand Babu, Director of FSF India is now visiting Venezuela to have
| further discussions on developing Venezuela into a free software super
| power.  PDVSA is planning to create a free software based super
| computer.
| Special thanks to Juan for floating this idea during the conference.
| Long Live 'Joropo' ;)
| This is just the starting..

Arun, that opens a new exciting chapter in our annals.  Hats off to
FSFS, FSF India, Hipatia, Space, and all concerned, who are making
these developments possible. Freedom fosters co-operation, and as we
move closer, the free software movement would advance and grow more

With Kiran brewing up many plans in AP, there are many more 
reasons to celebrate the Annual Day of FSF India tomorrow!


Best Wishes,

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