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College of Engineering, Tiruchi
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I would like to thank the Tiruchirapalli MYSQL group
and CSE department faculty, students, and the
management of Saranathan College of Engineering,
Tiruchirapalli for giving me an opportunity to conduct
a one-day GNU/Linux workshop.

Thanks to Ramkumar L, S. Srinivasan, T. Shivakumar,
Arul Jeeva, and Lakshminarayanan of Tiruchirapalli
MYSQL group, http://www.harshainfotech.com/, and


Special thanks to Ramkumar L who has been working with
me in planning this event for the past two weeks.
Thanks to Prof. Venkatasubramanian, HOD, CSE
Department, Saranathan College of Engineering for
coordinating the sessions.


The workshop was announced in the newspapers, The
Indian Express and The Hindu. The photos of the
workshop (and the trip) can be viewed from here:


The MYSQL group is working on using LAMP on GNU/Linux
for the Pulivazham village cooperative society milk
center farmers. They require to keep track of
accounts, volume of milk stored in the facilities, and
general book-keeping activities. 

Ramkumar L: Regarding the contacts:

1. Sarvannan (Lucas-TVS) - told me during Raman's talk
on LTSP that they supply Linux drivers for their
printers. So, Pulivazham center printers should work
with GNU/Linux.

2. Gaurav - from http://www.gnulinuxclub.org is
interested in php, web admin. He should start building
a database of companies working/using LAMP in India
for career opportunities. You can let him know of
harshainfotech.com and your services.

3. Sivasankar Chander - told me at MIT, "Carte
Blanche" 2005 about 'Cascade Systems & Solutions',
Plaza center near Gemini circle, about HP E-Vectra
systems that are about Rs.5000/-. He runs FC on it.
So, for low-cost solutions, you might want to check
this out.

4. Bharathi S - and other networking gurus, might
provide some contacts/tips on line-of-sight solutions
for networking all the villages together. Folks, right
now they have a dial-up offer from BSNL at Rs.25/- per
hour :o.

Good luck to the Tiruchirapalli MYSQL team for this
project. Hopefully next time when we visit you guyz,
we will see Pulivazham farmers using GNU/Linux for
their day-to-day activities.

Thanking you all once again,


proudly anti-micro$oft
Shakthi Kannan, MS
Software Engineer, Specsoft (Hexaware Technologies)
[E]: shaks@shakthimaan.com           [M]: (91) 98407-87007
[W]: http://www.shakthimaan.com      [L]: Chennai, India

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