[Fsf-friends] comments for "gnulinuxclub.org"

gaurav linux4all@gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 12:52:27 IST 2005

Dear friends,

GnuLinuxClub.org <http://GnuLinuxClub.org> is a non-profit, volunteer driven 
organization dedicated to the propagation and usage of Gnu/Linux and Free 
Software. The organization tries to provide support to the Gnu/Linux 
community as well as to increase the usage of Gnu/Linux among the general 
computer users community

After receiving comments from your side and from RMS ,we realized that
we were creating a mistake when we talk about Gnu/Linux and leave out
free software from it.

Our website aims to help out all Gnu/Linux users technically but we
also want to make them aware of Gnu/Linux and free software.
For the same we have made some changes to our website and since it
under development so we could afford to make the required changes.

the slogan of our website has been changed to
"its all about freedom" with reference to

We have introduced a new section for free software where we aim to
answer the basic questions regarding free software

We have mentioned about Gnu/Linux in our "why gnulinux" section

We have mentioned it quite clearly in our "Gnu/Linux distros" section 
Free Gnu/Linux and non-Free Gnu/Linux distros
Here, we require your help
We can find a list of Free Gnu/Linux distros but what about non-free
Gnu/Linux distros
can we just say that
since slackware 10.1 contains a package "xv" which is not free so
Slackware in non-free Gnu/Linux distro

what more additions do you suggest?

gaurav masand
webmaster:gnulinuxclub.org <http://gnulinuxclub.org>

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