[OT] Please follow guidelines (was ..[Fsf-friends] Re: Fsf-friends Digest, Vol 27, Issue 2)

Toufeeq Hussain toufeeqh@gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 12:42:11 IST 2005

kumar p.k. wrote:
> Dear Brother,
> Hope u r fine.
> 1)First u call me.
> 2)I would like to know how much amount u want to transfer ?
> 3)Givew your full address and Phone number immediately.
> 4)I am ready to help u.but it should not make any harm to me.

what's happening here ? something looks fishy.
Looks like an extortion via e-mail. :-)

* this is a mailing list to discuss Free Software.If you have something
to contribute to FSF/GNU them use this mailing list
* Keep personal communication off this list.
* Use proper subject lines.

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