[Fsf-friends] Re: [glugc] Some economic aspects of FOSS

amal manuel amalmanuel@yahoo.com
Mon Jan 31 19:40:56 IST 2005

     i appreciate raman's reply :D. 
> There are so many people working in the proprietary
> software industry
> and if there is only FOSS out there so many people
> are gonna lose
> jobs. 
     i didnt understand why they will loose job. its
only micros**t who is making win***s. most of the
service based s/w industry is making custom-made s/w
solutions which is infact as worth as _raw_ code for
others. they pack their sandboxes, inserting the EULA
and some unearthy privacy statements and ship it,
since it became the habit and nothing specially had to
be protected, otherthan the vulnerabilities in their
own code. Suppose you dont have anybody who is going
to make s/w free for you. what will you do, will weave
your own code, just like ford doing. in that case too,
developers wont loose jobs. and if service and support
can bring money, it can bring a _lot_. and for the
money-thirsty ventures open source wont restrict they
from charging their s/w as far as they are conformal
to the licences.  

> Also he thinks it is sinister
> about the way GNU/Linux is distributed, he says it 
> has made socomplx that they need
> to go to experts everytime.
   the difference is everytime a windows hangs you
need someone from hyderabad and it does hang a lot.
gnu/linux, if it hangs ( just like i^2= -1 ) you need
a gnu/linux guy, he may be even from a high school.
and dont think everything is as easy as WYSWYG, it may
be easy to install application s/ws in wndows, but
life beyond that is just a hell.  

> >> A company develops a product and give away that
> for free (download)
> and asks how the developers get money ?
    dont worry, the god of foss wont allow his people
to be famined, for that he will shower mannah on them
( exodus 3.15-16). the companies who are benefited
from the s/w will ofcourse fund and volunteer the
work. and there are lots, gcc is the prime example.   

> Other argument is that anyway we are getting windows
> and linux free
> (pirated in case of windows) and all things that
> could be done with
> windows can be done with windows and there is no
> point in moving away
> from windows.

  can you tell me a company which is using pirated
wind**s ?. nobody dude. its not like you sit in some
darkhaven cave and use pirated windows and be
ecstatical about saving 9000. oh!, i missed. you need
to understand freedom before that.  

Freedom is worth living for, http://www.gnu.org

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