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Dilip V dilpu.v@gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 18:02:32 IST 2005

FLOSS Meet @ NIT Calicut

A one day seminar/workshop on the Free/Libre open source softwares is
going to be held in National Instute of Technology Calicut on 29th Jan
2005( Saturday) at NIT Calicut. The Seminar is  intended to provoke
the student community. The event will bring together academicians,
students and the industry people who are involved in the Movement.The
event is organised by 1.GNU/Linux Users Group Calicut 2. Institute of
Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) student Branch 3. Computer
Society of India Calicut chapter

The seminar is intended to highlight the development and need for open
source software under GNU/Linux platform. The seminar will encourage
the students to use this free software with presentations and
interactive sessions by experts in the field. A large number of
delegates from academic institutions and industry are likely to

About the Event

The event comprises of two sessions. The morning session will be on
the concepts and philosophy of free software. Free software
alternatives like Openoffice, Octave, Apache etc, will be introduced
and discussed with a view to bring out the advantages of these. It
will also cover the security issues rising in the computer world. The
afternoon session will be a workshop on the languages used in this
context. It will be a live demonstration about the computer language
Python, and SQLlite used on open source platforms.

Contact Details

Interested candidates can register either through the website
Or through email
dilpu.v@gmail.com, pravi.a@gmail.com
Mobile No 09447367875

Profile of the Speakers

1. Atul Chitnis -- He is one of India's best known technologists. He
has been at the forefront of India's technology evolution. He was the
chief organiser for Linux Bangalore 2004

2. Shanker Balan – He is working as a Systems engineer, Yahoo!
Bangalore. In his spare time, he advocates the spread of BSD
technology, an alternative open source platform to GNU/Linux.

3.Swaroop C H -- Software engineer in Yahoo! , His book A Byte of
Python has been downloaded more than 24,000 times

4.Pradeep Kishore Gowda -- Senior Software engineer in ZeOmega
infotech,a Bangalore based company deeply rooted in Open Source
Software development.


The main sponsor for the event is M/s Tata Consultancy Services. Other
sponsors are IBM ACE Centre, and  Computer Engineering Associations.

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