[Fsf-friends] Sly -stories in Madhyamam

Sriharsha Vedurmudi sriharsha.v@redpinesignals.com
Fri Jan 28 18:17:09 IST 2005

You are not being blamed Sarath, so dont panic. Praveen was targetting 
the reporter. Its true that now a days many reporters dont have 
sufficient knowledge about most of the articles that they are writing, 
nor are they worried to cross-check what they think is happening. It 
probably happened so that you told him " I have re-mastered knoppix" and 
he mis-understood it as "I created Linux and all this stuff". So, next 
time take a little extra care and tell the reporters " I have taken the 
original work of Knoppix, which is based on Linus Torvald's Linux, and 
modified it to this new form" or something to that effect. Or to a more 
nutty reporter you can simply say you've done what Bill of M$ has 
originally done... "Take a good product from the market and give it a 
facelift and re-release it...." (Dont mistake me, I dont mean to hurt 
you or anyone). :-)

Anyway, keep it up buddy.


Sarath Lakshman wrote:

>i'm now worried abt madhyamam report. the reporter has
>written many faults. i didn't claimed that i made an
>os fully. i said that i just remastered the knoppix. i
>also told the process of knoppix remastering and
>booting. but the technoblind reporter wrote things of
>problems..i said to them that i was interstd in FS. 
>what i can do........
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