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Raj Mathur raju@linux-delhi.org
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Work is going on to make linux-india.org a portal for all
Linux/FLOSS-related activities in India.  It contains many sections,
and you can help increase the spread of your own interests by
contributing to the site.  You can publish the following kinds of

1. Events.

If you are organising a Linux/FLOSS-related event in India, or know of
one being organised, please make an entry for it in the Events
Submission page

You event will then be listed on the front page of the web site and get
exposure to all visitors.

I personally am trying to keep up with the event listing posted on
these mailing lists and add them myself to the Events Calendar, but I
may miss out on some events or post incorrect information.  Much
better if the organisers themselves put the correct information in.

2. Jobs

If you're looking for people to work in a Linux/FLOSS related field,
take a minute to fill out the Job Submission form at
http://linux-india.org/index.pl?id=2942&isa=Category&op=show .  This
will allow your job to be listed on the web site, making it easier for
people with the right kind of skills to find and respond to you.

3. News

If you're aware of any Linux/FLOSS related news in India, please
submit it on the web site at
http://linux-india.org/index.pl?id=2940&isa=Category&op=show .  The
News administrator will review your posting and list it on the main
news page.


Are you running or closely associated with a LUG/FSUG/GLUG?  Send
lugadmin@linux-india.org a quick mail with the name, nickname and URL
of your LUG and we will be glad to add it to the LUG list at
http://linux-india.org/index.pl?id=2198&isa=Category&op=show .

Your LUG doesn't have a web site?  No problems -- create a lug-<city>
(or fsug-city/glug-city) account for yourself and make your web site
on linux-india.org itself!  Then mail your user ID to
lugadmin@linux-india.org to have your local web site listed in the LUG

There is no charge for any of these services.

Most of the submission forms require a login, so do make an account
for yourself on the web site.  It's simple, quick and I guarantee that
your login details will remain confidential, until you yourself choose
to publish them.

Feedback welcome.


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