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Ramanraj ramanraj@iqara.net
Wed Jan 26 22:58:25 IST 2005

Richard  Stallman, founder  and leader  of  the GNU  Project and  Free
Software Foundation,  will be inaugurating  the Tamil Nadu  Chapter of
Free  Software  Foundation  of  India,  at the  Vellore  Institute  of
Technology, on Sunday, the 6th  February, 2005, at 9:30 AM and deliver
the  keynote  address.  All  are   welcome  to  the  event,  and  more
information   about   the   inaugural   function   is   available   at

One of the prime objectives of  FSF-TN is to take free software closer
to people in all the  districts in Tamil Nadu, by organising meetings,
events,  demos, and  user groups  wherever possible.   An  open public
mailing list to  discuss and promote the adoption  of free software in
TN, has been started at:

Please volunteer to join fsf-tn and lend your support.

-Ramanraj K

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