[Fsf-friends] Query from a Silicon Valley Indian ... selling out education to proprietary s/w

Frederick Noronha(FN) fred@bytesforall.org
Tue Jan 25 01:00:48 IST 2005

V. M. Kumaraswamy, a Silicon Valley Indian, is keen to check out the 
possibilities of filing a public interest litigation over what he sees as 
the "wrong doings" of the GoK (Karnataka) and GoI e-governance 
secretatries and other officials recently.

Please pass on any useful tips if you can to him at NovaMed@aol.com

He writes:

> This is V. M. Kumaraswamy from USA. 949-857-8578.
> We would like discuss HOW TO GO ABOUT PIL .
> This is in relation to wrong doings by GOK and GOI. Especially 
> e-Governance Secretaries in GoK and GOI.
> GOK has signed an MOU with MICROSOFT, without proper procedures and not
> properly notifying it. It looks like they have sold Education Syatem to 
> MS.
> It looks like e-gov in GOK, is preselcting it's biddeers fro e-gov 
> projects. There might be corruption involved here.
> There are so many things I can list here for you.
> What can be done here to stop all these things.
> Can you enlighten us.


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