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Toufeeq Hussain toufeeqh@gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 23:25:13 IST 2005


Vivek Varghese Cherian wrote:
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>>>>Subject: [glugc] need help for switching 2 linux
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>>>>Hai friends
>>>>My name is Shiyaz. Now I am working at Doha Qatar.
>>>>Now here Microsoft people searching for pirated products. So it's 
>>>>very difficult
>>>>To give new pc with windows xp and other software.  Every pc 
>>>>manufactures must
>>>>Install windows xp (windows products.) if they use Microsoft 
>>>>products. So many customers didn't agree with this policy.
> I am not clear as to what you are trying to convey here, if you use
> Microsoft Windows XP you are bound by the End User's License Agreement
> (EULA) that they throw at you.
> You have two clear options,
> 1) Sign the EULA and install non-pirated versions of whatever 
> Microsoft products you wish to use.
> 2) Refuse to sign the EULA and like many proud free operating system
> users prefer a free operating system like GNU/Linux.
>>>>We have an internet café, Today Microsoft people came here and ask 
>>>>license for Microsoft windows for all PC (50) computers is there
>>>>So today our IT section decided to switch red hat Linux.
>>>>Our IT section is not powerful, and they don't know Linux. I have 
>>>>some idea in installation of Linux. 
> Choice of distro is yours, if you plan to use an enterprise edition of
> Red Hat GNU/Linux you will get updates for the OS for a fixed time frame.
> . 
> There are many other distros out there a few of the major ones being
> Suse GNU/Linux, Mandrake GNU/Linux and community model operating
> systems like Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu GNU/Linux.
>>>>Here all people call to foreign countries and India, Philippines, 
>>>>using software dialers
>>>>Gcc2u, net2phone, globalvoiz, mypccall, netpccall, 
>>>>www.gcc2u.com,www.net2phone.com, www.globalvoiz.org, 
>>>>www.mypccall.com www.netpccall.com .  I think in these dialers will 
>>>>not support Linux if we switch Linux customers can use only net 
>>>>browsing. And Linux will support yahoo messenger and msn messenger?. 
>>>>And these software. Dialers. At any cost we want this dialer and 
> I am not aware of any Free Software Dialers, please do a google
> search to find one if any exists, or wait till some one with 
> experience of having used a Free Software dialer responds to your 
> mail.

Try Skype.
It's not Free Software but there is a Qt based Linux port available.

> GNU/Linux does support yahoo messenger, you can get the Unix and
> GNU/Linux versions of yahoo messenger on the yahoo messenger download
> page.
> You can use a multi-platform instant messaging client program like Gaim   
> that supports yahoo messenger and MSN Messenger and a host of other instant
> messaging protocols like Jabber,ICQ and AOL.
Toufeeq Hussain

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