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On Tue, Jan 18, 2005 at 05:11:22PM +0530, Praveen A wrote:
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>>> Hai friends
>>> My name is Shiyaz. Now I am working at Doha Qatar.
>>> Now here Microsoft people searching for pirated products. So it's 
>>> very difficult
>>> To give new pc with windows xp and other software.  Every pc 
>>> manufactures must
>>> Install windows xp (windows products.) if they use Microsoft 
>>> products. So many customers didn't agree with this policy.

I am not clear as to what you are trying to convey here, if you use
Microsoft Windows XP you are bound by the End User's License Agreement
(EULA) that they throw at you.

You have two clear options,

1) Sign the EULA and install non-pirated versions of whatever 
Microsoft products you wish to use.

2) Refuse to sign the EULA and like many proud free operating system
users prefer a free operating system like GNU/Linux.

>>> We have an internet café, Today Microsoft people came here and ask 
>>> license for Microsoft windows for all PC (50) computers is there
>>> So today our IT section decided to switch red hat Linux.
>>> Our IT section is not powerful, and they don't know Linux. I have 
>>> some idea in installation of Linux. 

Choice of distro is yours, if you plan to use an enterprise edition of
Red Hat GNU/Linux you will get updates for the OS for a fixed time frame.
There are many other distros out there a few of the major ones being
Suse GNU/Linux, Mandrake GNU/Linux and community model operating
systems like Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu GNU/Linux.

>>> Here all people call to foreign countries and India, Philippines, 
>>> using software dialers
>>> Gcc2u, net2phone, globalvoiz, mypccall, netpccall, 
>>> www.gcc2u.com,www.net2phone.com, www.globalvoiz.org, 
>>> www.mypccall.com www.netpccall.com .  I think in these dialers will 
>>> not support Linux if we switch Linux customers can use only net 
>>> browsing. And Linux will support yahoo messenger and msn messenger?. 
>>> And these software. Dialers. At any cost we want this dialer and 
>>> messenger.

I am not aware of any Free Software Dialers, please do a google
search to find one if any exists, or wait till some one with 
experience of having used a Free Software dialer responds to your 

GNU/Linux does support yahoo messenger, you can get the Unix and
GNU/Linux versions of yahoo messenger on the yahoo messenger download

You can use a multi-platform instant messaging client program like Gaim   
that supports yahoo messenger and MSN Messenger and a host of other instant
messaging protocols like Jabber,ICQ and AOL.

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