[Fsf-friends] Nurturing Talent

amal manuel amalmanuel@yahoo.com
Sun Jan 16 21:14:18 IST 2005


--- Sarath Lakshman <sarathlakshman@yahoo.com> wrote:
> do FSF hlp me to distribute my linux, with less
> cost.
     sarath, this statement is fundamentally flawed.
as you know linux is copy righted to linus torvalds,
so `my linux` doesnt make sense. if you want to mean
your linux distro, you should rather use your
gnu/linux distro. fsf's mission is not to advertise
for linux kernel. it has got a more dignified goal.
please see http://www.gnu.org

> --- "Mahesh T. Pai" <paivakil@sancharnet.in> wrote:
> > Ramanraj K said on Sun, Jan 16, 2005 at 05:52:04PM
> > +0530,: 

> students  who have  contributed to  the free
software  movement by writing articles,  developing
innovative free software programs or for having made
any other commendable contribution.

  as far as i think contemplating the philosophy
should be given much more importance than developing
for gnu. and that should be given importance.
otherwise it can lead to discrepancies within the
organization (open source is the biggest example). so
organizing some essay contest will be helpful, rather
than scholarships and endowments. i think we should
correct the hindu reporter.

nit calicut       

Freedom is worth living for, http://www.gnu.org

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