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Dileep M. Kumar dileep@gmx.net
Sat Jan 15 09:48:51 IST 2005

Ramanraj K wrote:

> It is pointless for us to go into all the claims made there about some 
> new "Operating System".  Debian and Knoppix have made the task of 
> creating new distros so easy, that we may get to read about new born 
> babies creating new distros by kicking on keyboards with their tender 
> feet :)

Sharat Lakshman contacted me yesterday. While talking to him, he said
he just modified the Knoppix distro to make slynux. He have renamed
lot of other packages also and given new interface.

He never wished, to claim that, he build a new OS (or distro). The 
non-techy press reporter understood in that way. Poor boy just wished, 
let his work get some publicity. That's all.

It is really good work in one way. That is a 15 year boy could do some
good work using a GNU/Linux distro. He wish other students get inspired 
from his work, thus the GNU/Linux usage in schools may improve. (In
Kerala, in many schools, teachers skip the GNU/Linux portion of syllabus
saying that is not much important. This is because, the teachers are
not trained/aware of this OS)

We should give all support to this boy,  understand him the concepts of 
freedom, so that he can contribute more for the Free Software World.

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