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  watch - a useful command.

Communities too need to "watch" out and sometimes act quickly. "hue and 
cry" has semantic traces back to watching out for seasonal fish from the 
shores, then actually evolved into a legal practice in England, where 
neighbours were obliged to come in aid of felony alarms until the 
practice was repealed in 1827.  Watching for dangers, raising alarms, 
and rushing aid are part and parcel of community life, and being able to 
delegate some of these activities to commands like watch, could make 
life a little easier.


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Subject: [Ilugc] One Day One Command
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 17:21:47 +0530 (IST)
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One Day One Command :-

watch - Periodically run and show the output of a program


Watch runs command repeatedly, displaying its output This allows 
you to monitor the program output change over time.

Examples :-

$ watch ls -- Every 2sec(default time) 'ls' is executed and output 
              is showed on the screen.

$ watch -n 6 who -- Every 6Sec 'who' run and list the current users

$ watch -d date -- Highlight the difference b/w successive updates

Press Ctrl+C to stop the Watch Command.

Read: man watch

Wish you happy Pongal & Bye :)
Bharathi S

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