[Fsf-friends] Debunking Wine Myths

Praveen A pravi.a@gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 15:35:05 IST 2005

Here are some common Wine "myths" that are either completely wrong or
not very correct:

    * "Wine is slow because it is an emulator"
    * "Wine is bad for Linux"
    * "Emulators like VMWare are better"
    * "You need Windows anyway"
    * "Wine is bad, Winelib is better"
    * "Wine will always be playing catch up to Windows and can't
possibly succeed at running new applications"
    * "Because Wine only implements a small percentage of the Windows
APIs, it's always going to suck"
    * "Wine is only for Windows 3.1 / Wine will never support Win64"
    * "Wine is for Linux only"
    * "Wine is for Intel x86 only"
    * "My game has copy protection that doesn't work with Wine" 

Myth 1: "Wine is slow because it is an emulator"
Some people mean by that that Wine must emulate each processor
instruction of the Windows application. This is plain wrong. As Wine's
name says: "Wine Is Not an Emulator": Wine does not emulate the Intel
x86 processor. It will thus not be as slow as Wabi which, since it is
not running on a x86 Intel processor, also has to emulate the
processor. Windows applications that do not make system calls will run
just as fast as on Windows (no more no less).
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