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Raj Mathur raju@linux-delhi.org
Tue Jan 11 08:41:01 IST 2005

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>>>>> "Sandip" == Sandip Bhattacharya <sandip@lug-delhi.org> writes:

    Sandip> On Tue, 2005-01-11 at 01:41 +0530, Raj Mathur wrote:
    >> 2. Put it in an easily-editable Wiki so it's easier for people
    >> to contribute.  Please do NOT choose a Wiki that has a complex
    >> registration process.
    >> 3. Fill in the portions that are incomplete and suggest new
    >> topics and/or facts that can go into the FAQ.

    Sandip> I have "wiki-fied" the text and put it up at
    Sandip> http://www.lug- delhi.org/SoftwarePatentFAQ . I have also
    Sandip> added a few references, and some tiny examples of
    Sandip> patents. Feel free to edit them if they are unsuitable.

    Sandip> The wiki only requires simple registration before editing.

Erhm, forgot to mention in the earlier mail:

Please use the lug-delhi.org version of the FAQ for all future edits.
Please do NOT use the kandalaya.org version, that is now out of date
and will be taken down after a while.


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