[Fsf-friends] Preliminary software patent FAQ

Raj Mathur raju@linux-delhi.org
Tue Jan 11 01:41:50 IST 2005


I've started work on a software patent FAQ with an Indian viewpoint.
Please take a moment to read and:

1. Provide feedback (or better, enhancements) on style and facts.

2. Put it in an easily-editable Wiki so it's easier for people to
contribute.  Please do NOT choose a Wiki that has a complex
registration process.

3. Fill in the portions that are incomplete and suggest new topics
and/or facts that can go into the FAQ.

I'm hoping that the FAQ can serve as a starting document for any
action we take against software patents in India.

The FAQ is available at:

http://kandalaya.org/Docs/patent-faq.sgml -- SGML source
http://kandalaya.org/Docs/patent-faq.html -- One big HTML file
http://kandalaya.org/Docs/html/patent-faq.html -- Multiple HTML files


-- Raju
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