[Fsf-friends] Fund raiser

Anand Babu ab@gnu.org.in
Wed Jan 5 01:12:20 IST 2005

Sriharsha wrote:
> If someone can guide, I volunteer. Im from Hyderabad, so LUG at 
> Hyderabad can guide me initially.

Lets not bother about secure online shopping cart interface initially.

Get details from Arun and make a simple web page (like
https://agia.fsf.org/order/) listing the items what ever
we have currently and their price in Rs.

Let us start distributing them with the help of local user
groups or by accepting VPP or DD orders. Also on special
free software related events...

Volunteer all this. Arun and Nagarjuna will guide you.

Anand Babu
Free as in Freedom <www.gnu.org>

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