[Fsf-friends] Fund raiser

Arun M arun@gnu.org.in
Wed Jan 5 13:10:01 IST 2005

> 1. Is it not feasible to allocate some web space to users for hosting 
> their home pages. There are two advantages of this:
>     a) The domain extention will be something like.... "user.fsf.org.in" 
> or "fsf.org.in/user"
>         Whenever someone is visiting such a page, (s)he is automatically 
> aware of fsf. (Also a little banner on the homepage will do no harm.
>     b) This hosting can be done for a fee (the cost of actual 
> maintenance + a significant amount for contribution towards fsf-i)

We are using server provided by HBCSE. It is given to us free of cost. 
As we dont own the server it may not be a good idea to provide
member accounts and generate money out of it. 

Also this involves managerial. 

> 2. Why dont fsf-i sell all those that fsf sells in USA (T-shirts 
> emphasising free software, CD-ROMs etc.)?

We were selling it during last Dec. We need some volunteers to handle


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