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Played around with gzip, gcc.
Wana meet the person who created these software gizmos?

This is event is for you then. Vellore Institute of Technology is organsing
a symposium on Free 

and Open SOurce software technologies titled Swatantra(6th - 7th Feb, 05). 

Founder of GNu and the man responsible for coining the term Free SOftware,
Richard M Stallman 

will be there to deliver the keynote address of the symposium and to answer
all the questions 

that you have always wanted to ask about these amazingly simply yet
inherently complex programs.

The event will also feature various competitions to kindle your nack for
Linux tweaking and 

tuning such as:- 

LINSTALL-- The Linux installation challenge.
Anaconda !! YaSt !! familiar with all these name?  Have been installing on
your system for a long 

time and you find it fun?? making the X server run?? configuring the boot
loader?? ..YES??..One 

event where apply all your skills which you developed over the years by
trying to install 

GNU/Linux on your system.

WEBMINISTER-- The Apache web server Challenge
Love Apache because of the customizability it offers while deploying your
website? Love fiddling 

with httpd.conf and think you are best at it? This is one event to prove
yourself! Come and 

demonstrate that your are the best at the best webserver that there is and
ever was.....

CORE WARS-- Challenge the memory
This event will feature an old game called core wars which involves
destroying your opponents 

programs by overwriting the memory in which this program is stored. It will
kindle the nerves of 

memory geeks with pointers and direct memory references expertise being the

Watch out for cool demonstartions on MONO, Linux Cluster, Linux from
scratch and much more....

For further details log on to: http://www.swatantra.info
or mail us at: contact@swatantra.info

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