[Fsf-friends] [OT] The Morning Songs by Rabindranath Tagore

Ramanraj K ramanraj.k@antispam.org
Fri Dec 30 17:12:14 IST 2005

somendra bhattacharjee wrote:

>you may use:
>and type "janaganamana" in the search box
>There will be options to get it in pdf or png format
>(in Bangla - bangtex)
>Click on "src":  it gives the latex source file.
>Edit the file (to remove tex-related things)
>s m bhattacharjee
Thanks, I'll include a link in the article to your site, which is 
probably the only source on the Internet that gives the entire song in 
Bengali.  I could count 5 stanzas, but I do not know Bengali, and  could 
you please point to the English Translation that Tagore himself made in  

Ramanraj K

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