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Fri Dec 23 14:07:31 IST 2005



Aziz Ridouan, president of the Association of Audionautes
approves the two provisions voted by the French Parliament to
authorize content downloading on Internet.

Following these provisions, the French Code of Intellectual
Property shall now feature an article L-122-5 stating that :

« Authors cannot forbid the reproductions of Works that are made
on any format from an online communication service when they are
intented to be used privately and when they do not imply
commercial means directly or indirectly. »

These provisions were proposed by the Association of Audionautes
and the Artist-Public Alliance. They were initially contrary to
the project defended by the French Government, but they were
voted by 31 votes against 30.

This Law proposal is not definitive yet, but Jean-Baptiste
Soufron, Legal Counsel of the Association of Audionautes approves
this vote and wants to point out that France is the first country
in the world to propose the legalization of P2P downloading.


The Association of Audionautes is a non-for-profit organization
founded by French high-school and college students in order to
react to the abusive threats of the musical industry. They now
help more than 80 people to organize their defense, and they
regroup more than 6000 members including students, lawyers,
artists, etc.

Press contact: +33 624 414 265 / contact at audionautes.net Legal
+33 617 962 457

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