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Subject: [BOAI] OA recommendations of Ukrainian Parliament
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Open access is one of the priorities in developing information society in Ukraine — Recommendations of Ukrainian Parliament

Ukrainian Parliament (Verhovna Rada) passed resolution On Recommendations of Parliamentary hearing on Developing information society in Ukraine (from 01.12.2005 № 3175-IV) where open access is called one of the priorities in developing information society in Ukraine. In Close 2 Developing informational infrastructure of this Resolution it is recommended for the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to create favorable conditions for developing open access repositories in archives, libraries, museums and other cultural institutions. In Close 5 Creating accessible electronic information resources it is recommended for the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to stir to activities on creating accessible national electronic information resources especially with scientific-technical and economical information; to develop model regulation on repository of electronic documents; and for the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine to speed up development of state program on ICT in educatio!
 n and science including the close on development of open access resources in science, technology and education with open access condition to state funded researches.

(Ukrainian version of this resolution: http://zakon.rada.gov.ua/cgi-bin/laws/main.cgi?nreg=3175%2D15)

Open Access is also one of the priorities in National strategy on developing information society in Ukraine introduced to Ukrainian Parliament by Parliamentary Committee on Science and Education. 
Open Access recommendations in Ukraine where first introduced by the participants of Open Access Scholarly Communication Workshop, February 17-19 2005, organized by International Renaissance Foundation, Open Society Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, International Association of Academies of Sciences and National University Kyiv Mohyla Academy and supported by the British Council Ukraine. 

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