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Anand Babu ab@antispam.org
Sat Dec 17 13:12:49 IST 2005

,----[ doxa at sancharnet.in ]
| After having heavily publicized "breakfast" sessions with media in
| India, Bill Gates should take some time off post dinner to see the
| results that netcraft survey brings out.
| <a href
| ="http://searchdns.netcraft.com/?host=microsoft&position=limited&lookup=Wait..">Netcraft
| on Microsoft portals</a>
| Perhaps Arun could bring this to the notice of the newly baptised
| (AKG)Congress-men also.
| Cheers,
| CK Raju, Thrissur
Microsoft uses Akamai's GNU/Linux powered "Internet content caching"
service. Advantage is not just caching, but also security and
scalability of GNU/Linux OS.

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