[Fsf-friends] One more Congress over

doxa at antispam.org doxa@antispam.org
Mon Dec 12 20:14:53 IST 2005

At last one more (?)Congress is over, where the extreme elements who kept up the proprietary tempo were at their best. After having hoodwinked the organisers with their sheer manipulative skills, these extremists had their proprietary market logic embedded in a draft document for ICT and e-Governance for Kerala.

Not knowing that there is an upcoming generation of young kids across the State who are increasingly asking for Free Software in schools, these extremists are exposing themselves to the public, at a great risk to their (?)intellectual capital (vaporware).

To a large extent the intended damage was lessened thanks to timely interventions from Arun and Joseph (Sasi, was missing from camera eyes) - but whatever little Arun and Joseph spoke, it made a huge difference.

CK Raju
If pro is opposite of con, what is opposite of progress ?
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