[Fsf-friends] Sponsor .^.Calpp

Ramanraj K ramanraj.k@antispam.org
Thu Dec 8 20:51:54 IST 2005

The Calpp project is hosted at:

Calpp, released under the GNU  GPL, is a framework to store procedures
and execute them  as proceedings.  Recently, I made  a presentation on
"Calpp &  .^.i" at the Tuxedo  05 event of SJCE,  Mysore.  The slides,
that explain the need for good representations and the basic structure
of Calpp are available online at:

Calpp will soon go online, thanks to the sponsorship by Anand Avati of
ZResearch,  and  the support by Anand  Babu, co-founder of  ZResearch,
specialising in Supercomputers and  Superstorage.  This would be .^.#1
host on the Home Planet :)

I recently applied for a Fellowship from Sarai,and its details are at:

Free Software  and the Internet  together could become a  paradise for
Law.  Calpp Project aims to port  Law to computers.  If Law, .^.i, and
society excite you, welcome aboard!

-Ramanraj K

OED says-
sponsor: a person who introduces and supports a proposal for a new law

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