[Fsf-friends] Attn: Legal specialists -- License of Splunk server

Baishampayan Ghose b.ghose@antispam.org
Mon Dec 5 17:52:58 IST 2005

>     I just saw a promotion link in SF.NET regarding a *open source
> project*  called splunk server(https://splunkforge.org/). But when I
> looked at the License(http://www.splunk.com/index.php/articles/news/66)
> of the product it looks weird. In the first part they uses the term
> *FREE SOFTWARE* and in the License part they says some restrictions
> for use
SF.Net [and all sites under OSTG] accept ads from companies which sell
non-free stuff. In fact, M$ is the biggest advertiser on Linux.com. I
have seen the Splunk ad ... but where does it say that it's Free/Open
Source Software? SplunkForge is the site for Free/Open Source
extensions to the Splunk engine, which is non-free anyway.
Can you point us to any page where they claim that Splunk is free software?

Baishampayan Ghose
Free Software Foundation of India
b.ghose at gnu.org.in

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