[Fsf-friends] The Linux [TM] fracas

Ramanraj K ramanraj.k@gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 10:15:04 IST 2005

"Linux fracas not the main game: RMS" By Sam Varghese August 25, 2005
- 3:05PM at

The fuss over the Linux trademark has diverted attention from the real
issue - the freedom to change and redistribute software, the founder
of the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation, Richard M.
Stallman, says. .....

"In this particular case, though, the naming issue seems rather to
distract attention from freedom, so I'd rather focus the attention
back where it belongs," he said.

Stallman said he would not seek payment to allow people to use the GNU
name. "Anyone who makes a GNU/Linux distribution ought to call it
such, but most of them don't. We won't ask people to pay to give us
credit for our work," he said. ...

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