[Fsf-friends] Need Free software in 11th Class

Sarath Lakshman sarathlakshman@yahoo.com
Mon Aug 22 22:07:10 IST 2005

Hello Friends,

I am here to inform you about an issue in 11th Class.
Now I am studying in 11th class - Computer Science.
Our text book is following the proprietary C++
compiler (Turbo C++ Compiler) and there is nothing
about Software freedom and importance of free

We are forced to follow the proprietary environment.
Even a few students don't know what the free software
is? But some of them heard about 'Linux' but they
don't know what is GNU. 

Last year, there were topics about GNU/Linux and M$
Windows in our 10th class IT@School text books. As a
result of struggles done by FSF India, GNU/Linux
gained prominence in IT syllabus from this year. LAst
year, I Also Noticed the news which had come in
newspapers - "Govt promised to give importance to free
software in 10th class syllabus and Govt had announced
that the coming 11th class Computer Sc syllabus will
give importance to free software and GNU/Linux"

Now Govt didn't follow their announcement.  We are
following same and old Com Sc syllabus with
proprietary environment!

we are the Ist batch who followed GNU/Linux and M$
Windows last year. Now we are forced to use
proprietary software. 

g++, gcc is the best compiler and is a freesoftware,
then why should we follow Turbo? which is a

There should be some topics to describe the importance
of Free Software, and something should be done to make
GNU/Linux as the default platform.

I'm waiting for your comments.

Thanking you,
Sarath Lakshman


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